Bruce E. McDougall
44 Cooper Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068
Phone: (973) 228-6278


Platforms and Systems

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Unix, SAP, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Oracle Server, Novell Server, Novell SNA Gateway, Hostprt, Citrix Winframe, Supply Tech (Harbinger) EDI, FrontPage, Fax Sr., Support Magic, Pilgrim (Document Control), Arcserve, Cheyenne Backup, Inoculan, Metafreight


Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (VBA), ProComm, REXX, Crystal Reports, Attachmate Extra!, Loftware Label Maker


Independent Consultant, 1991 - Present

Ticona, Summit, NJ
Consultant, 1993 - 1999

Worked in various positions as required during assignment. Initially contracted as VM Systems Programmer, was kept on in a general consulting role after mainframe system was removed. Defined, designed, and developed enhancements to new and existing systems to improve operations. Assisted with planning, implementing, and testing systems. Performed System Administration on Windows/NT, Novell, SQL Server and other platforms. Provided second level support for desktop and networking helpdesk. Trained sales staff on use of various MS-Outlook functions.


Sales Force Automation:
Developed and implemented a facility to provide the capability to batch input data for a SQL Server/MS Access application using Outlook Forms and VBA.

RSA Alerts:
Developed and implemented a Visual Basic program to Email various text files from SAP and other applications to either imbedded or table driven recipients.

SAP barcode label printing:
Participated in the design and implementation of a facility to print barcode labels from SAP.

Warehouse printing facility:
Designed and implemented a program, using Visual Basic and Attachmate Extra! for Windows, to allow the implementation of printing from a mainframe system (XBMS) to multiple printers attached to a PC. This was done as a requirement for the migration from XBMS to SAP.

Fax Sr.:
Installed and configured a Windows NT 4.0 server to install, configure and implement the Fax Sr. product to provide an enterprise faxing facility. This was done using the Exchange server interface using the existing Outlook client on the users workstations.

EDI Barcode label print facility:
Developed and implemented a Visual Basic program to store barcode label images in a SQL Server database that were produced from a Supply Tech EDI system. Another Visual Basic program printed the label images using templates produced from the Loftware Label Maker package.

ProComm scripts:
Developed and implemented facilities to enable file transfers of transactional data between an in-house SAP system and external financial institutions. The file transfers were scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly and a monitoring mechanism was developed to report any operational problems.

Novell Hostprt:
Installed and configured a Novell 3.12 server to install, configure and implement the SNA Gateway and Hostprt products. This Gateway provided a more flexible printing solution from the mainframe system.

Nabisco, Parsippany, NJ
Consultant, 1992 - 1993

Transportation and Warehouse System: Designed and created a user presentation menu system in REXX on VM/CMS. Converted existing code from NOMAD to REXX; developed, debugged, and integrated additional system functions in SAS on MVS/XA; provided operational instruction to financial analysts and maintenance instruction to support staff.


New Jersey Educational Computer Network, Edison, NJ
Director, Software Services, 1985 - 1991

Responsible for all vendor supplied software as well as internally developed applications, system utilities, user exits and operating system enhancements. Installed and configured personal computers and LANs. Managed systems and applications programmers in the VM, MVS, VAX and Telecommunications areas. Responsible for administering department budget.

Litton Computer Services, Fairfield, NJ
Manager, VM Systems Programming, 1981 - 1985

Responsible for all vendor supplied as well as internally developed systems software in the VM environment. Managed a team of VM systems programmers.

Beneficial Data Processing Corporation, Morristown, NJ
Manager, Technical Support, 1977 - 1981

Responsible for all vendor supplied as well as internally developed systems software in the VM and OS/VS1 environments. Managed systems programmers in the VM, OS/VS1 and Telecommunications areas.

Prudential Insurance Co., Roseland, NJ
Systems Programmer, 1972 - 1977

Responsible for various design, coding, testing, installation and maintenance programming tasks for operations, data services and data security areas.